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Watmough Bay

Watmough Bay is a beautiful and remote feeling bay at the southeast tip of Lopez Island. There are no homes on the Bay and the dramatic rocky face of Chadwick Hill towers over the small beach. Read More

  • Watmough Bay is one of the few undeveloped Bays in the San Juans. The local community came together recently to buy up the whole shore in order to keep it pristine and beautiful for future generations. 
  • You can enjoy the Bay on a day trip or drop your anchor overnight. The beach is a great picnic spot. If you spend the night be sure to watch the sunset light up the dramatic rock formations. 
  • There are many nearby parks and beaches to explore from Watmough Bay. The lightly populated south end of Lopez has a charming rural feel, and is often much less crowded even in mid summer.

What can I see and do in Watmough Bay?

The south end of Lopez Island is lightly populated and has only one store. This remoteness means Watmough and other nearby parks and beaches are often totally deserted, even in the height of summer. 

  • From Watmough Bay you can easily reach Point Colville by land or water. Point Colville is a rocky bluff on the other side of the southern ridge that protects the Bay. The small road that leads to Watmough also continues on to the tiny parking area for Point Colville. 
  • There is a primitive trail that leads to the top of Chadwick Hill from the beach. The view from the top is worth the rock scrambling required to get there. The path starts at the north end of the beach to the west of a giant red cedar. 
  • From Watmough Bay you are also within five miles, by land, of beautiful Agate Beach and Iceberg Point. 
  • If you need supplies the nearest store is either in Anacortes on the mainland, or the Southender about five miles away on Mud Bay Road.
  • The Southender has an eclectic selection of food, which includes local farm vegetables in the summer and great wine and beer all year long.

Where is Watmough Bay?

Watmough Bay opens east onto Rosario Strait. On a clear day you can see the Olympics, Decption Pass, and even Mt. Rainier if you climb a little ways up Chadwick Hill or walk over to Point Colville. Rosario Strait leads into the Strait of Juan de Fuca not far from Watmough. The Bay is easily accessed from the Mainland or from the south end of Lopez Island.