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San Juan Channel

San Juan Channel is a wide open waterway between San Juan, Orcas and Shaw Islands. It is a great way to access these islands as well as the smaller park islands between them. Read More

  • Sail or motor with ease in this wide but protected Channel. 
  • Visit one of the three main islands clustered here or smaller James Island State Park. 
  • Access one of several nearby marinas and relax before further exploration.

What can I see and do in San Juan Channel?

San Juan Channel is in the heart of the San Juan Islands. It offers great boating, whale watching, and beautiful views the San Juans are famous for. 

  • Spend the day or night at James Island State Park along the coast of Orcas Island. 
  • Explore the shoreline of quiet Shaw Island. 
  • Paddle or cruise up to one of the many small Islands in this area, public and private.

Where is San Juan Channel?

On one side San Juan Channel runs along the northeast side of San Juan Island. On the other side it goes along the western edge of Shaw Island and up to the southern tip of Orcas Island. It can be easily accessed from any of these islands. It is also part of the local ferry route.