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Rosario Strait

Rosario Strait is the main channel that separates the San Juan Islands from the mainland. This open waterway offers gorgeous views and access to several parks and beaches just minutes off the coast of Washington.

  • This wide beautiful channel offers great views, hiking, and boating. 
  • Travel from Rosario Strait into the larger Strait of Juan de Fuca or into the rest of the midst of the San Juan Islands 
  • Check out the dramatic rocky promontories that line this beautiful waterway.

What can I see and do at Rosario Strait?

The view across Rosario Strait takes in the Cascade Mountains rising above the fertile Skagit Valley. If you look south you will see the Olympic Mountains, and on a clear day Mount Rainier sticking up through the clouds. 

  • Drop your anchor in the bay at the foot of Chadwick Hill, the striking rocky face shelters lovely Watmough Beach and there are several nearby hikes. 
  • Anacortes offers plenty of marinas and boat services with immediate access to Rosario Strait. 
  • Cruise to the southern end of Rosario Strait and will hit the Strait of Juan de Fuca, which is the largest area of open water in the San Juans. From here you can make it all the way to the Pacific. 
  • Several small islands without ferry service run along the edge of the Strait. They are fun to explore from the water and there are also a few public beaches. 
  • Deception Pass is a dramatic boating and hiking destination right off of Rosario Strait.

Where is Rosario Strait?

Rosario Strait runs between the mainland and Lopez, Decatur and Blakely Islands. I can be easily accessed from any of those islands or Anacortes.