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Haro Strait

Haro Strait runs between the San Juan Islands and the Canadian islands to the west. This deep but relatively narrow channel is a favorite with boaters especially those hoping to spot a whale.

  • Spot whales and porpoises in this broad sweep of clear water. 
  • Watch the sun set behind the mountains of Vancouver Island. 
  • Visit ports in the US and Canada along Haro Strait. 
  • Kayaking along the eastern edge of Haro Strait is very popular.

What can I see and do in Haro Strait?

The views along Haro Strait are beautiful. You can see south all the way to the Olympic Mountains, west to Vancouver Island and east to the San Juan Island. The tree lined shores offer many protected bays and open beaches. Plenty of wildlife also passes along this natural highway, including whales and porpoises. 

  • Kayak along the west side of San Juan Island, which offers plenty of lovely views and public beaches. 
  • Boat across Haro Strait to the charming Canadian ports on Vancouver Island. 
  • Many local whale watching and kayak tours lead great trips through Haro Strait. 
  • The Canadian Gulf Islands are just to the northwest of the Strait, boating in from the San Juans via Sidney is one of the easiest ways to access them from the United States. 
  • The sunset view looking west from near San Juan Island is one of the most stunning of any in the islands.

Where is Haro Strait?

Haro Strait runs north to south between Canada and the San Juan Islands. To the north it runs into Boundary Pass and to the south ends at the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The closest ports in the San Juan Islands are Roche Harbor and Mitchell Bay, both on San Juan Island.