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Lopez Sound

Lopez Sound stretches along the east coast of Lopez Island and offers great boating and access to several smaller islands. The currents can get quite exciting in the tight channels between several nearby islands. Read More

  • Pull up your kayak onto a small public beach and relax before paddling on. 
  • Camp out on your boat in one of the many protected bays. 
  • Spencer Spit is a great park for kids with that can be accessed from the water. 
  • Supplies are available a short distance from Mud Bay.

What can I see and do at Lopez Sound?

The east coast of Lopez Island is rocky and heavily forested. Wide and shallow Mud Bay offers good anchorage at the south end of Lopez Sound. While Spencer Spit State Park has a public beach and camping at the north end. In between are miles of small islands, picturesque views and several places to come ashore. 

  • Spencer Spit is a fun park for kids with a jungle gym, long sandy beach and open grassy lawns. 
  • Pull your kayak up on several small public beaches along Lopez Sound. Get a detailed local map for exact locations. 
  • Decatur Island has a small public park with protected anchorage at its southern tip. 
  • From Mud Bay you are close to several amazing hikes at the southern end of Lopez. 
  • Drop your anchor in Mud Bay and walk less than a mile to the Southender. This small general store has good food and an amazing selection of beer and wine.

Where is Lopez Sound?

Lopez Sound is the length of protected water along the east coast of Lopez Island. This narrow stretch of water can offer great kayaking but the currents can also become extreme during certain tides. Good access points include Spencer Spit, Hunters Bay and Mud Bay. Much of the shoreline is private property but often the tidelands are public especially if you are coming from the water.