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Strait of Georgia

The Strait of Georgia is a long inlet that separates Vancouver Island from mainland Canada. Its Fjord like coastline offers access to both urban centers and natural wonders.

  • The Strait of Georgia is a great way to access the beauty of British Columbia from the water. 
  • Visit one of the thriving urban centers along the Strait. 
  • Explore the small and charming communities of the Gulf Islands. 
  • Cruise along and enjoy the great views or dive in with an adventure travel experience.

What can I see and do in the Strait of Georgia?

The Strait of Georgia offers water access to the thriving urban centers of Sidney and Victoria at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. It also surrounds the charming Gulf Islands. From there it stretches north past Vancouver B.C and includes long stretches of wilderness. 

  • Boat in to one of the many parks and camping areas in the Gulf Islands. 
  • Drop your anchor at one of the marinas in Sidney, Victoria or Vancouver for easy access to the exciting downtown districts.
  • The small communities all along the Strait are fun to explore by bike or on foot. 
  • Fish or whale watch in this rich marine ecosystem. 
  • Kayak and sailing adventures are possible from many of the local communities.

Where is the Strait of Georgia?

The Strait of Georgia runs along the east coast of Vancouver Island. It runs through parts of the Gulf Islands and all the way up to Campbell River. The climatic regions it includes vary from rainforest to temperate.