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Waldron Island

Waldron Island is off the northwest shore of Orcas Island. The majority of the Island is private property. However the county dock and roads mean that the Island is accessible even without ferry service. Read More

Why should I visit Waldron Island?

Like the other mostly private islands Waldron doesn’t have any camping or services but it can make a fun day trip. The county roads wind across the nearly carless island. The Point Disney Natural Preserve, and areas along Cowlitz Bay, are managed by the SJI Preservation Trust and the Nature Conservancy. This area can be accesses from the water or along the county roads, however it is undeveloped and for day use only.

Where is Waldron Island?

Waldron Island is northwest of Orcas Island near the Canadian border. There are a series of outer islands near Waldron that have public access and even camping. Marinas on Orcas Island are the best jump off points to reach Waldron. The currents can be quite strong between Orcas and Waldron so be prepared if you are in a small craft.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Waldron Island offer?

Waldron Island has no stores or places to stay overnight. Many of the local residents take their privacy very seriously but some are also happy to chat with visitors. You are allowed to use the public county dock and roads although you may be criticized for doing so. Because the Island has no services or amenities it is serenely peaceful and quiet even in the height of summer.

What can I do or see on Waldron Island?

Walking along the quiet roads through the beautiful forests on Waldron Island can make for a great stopover between the nearby park islands or on the way to the Canadian Gulf Islands. The natural preserves along Cowlitz Bay and Point Disney are lovely and totally undeveloped. They can be a great picnic or hiking destination but should be used carefully and only during the day.