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Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a stunningly beautiful landmass that shelters the Salish Sea from the rough Pacific Ocean. The mix of outdoor adventures and thriving urban areas make Vancouver a great place to visit.

Why should I visit Vancouver Island?

Vancouver Island is a gigantic Island that stretches north from the Strait of Juan de Fuca for almost 300 miles. The western coast faces the wide Pacific Ocean and includes wave tossed shores and old growth evergreen forests. The long eastern coast includes fertile tidelands and sheltered islands. Vancouver Island supports vast areas of wilderness and mountains but also thriving urban centers and small towns.

Where is Vancouver Island?

The Island runs north south along the western coast of Canada and extends down to shelter the San Juan Islands. The protective bulk of Vancouver is one of the main reasons for the unique ecosystem of the Salish Sea. At its northern tip Vancouver Island is particularly wild with deep fjords and mountains. From the San Juan Islands you can arrive on Vancouver Island by water or air. Planes and boats travel regularly from the San Juans to Vancouver. Just remember your passport, there is a strictly enforced watery border.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Vancouver Island offer?

The two large urban centers of Victoria and Sidney have all the big city services you might expect. There are also small towns and wilderness camping so you have lots of options. 

  • The emphasis outside of the city is on tourist activities involving the amazing natural resources that make Vancouver so special. 
  • You can take whale watching, kayaking or sailing tours along the seemingly endless coast, or head inland to fish pristine lakes or hike through ancient forests. 
  • The Asian and British influences can be felt in the larger cities and includes amazing food, arts and shopping.

What can I do or see on Vancouver Island?

Vancouver Island has it all, mountains, ocean, forest and cultured civilization. The huge Island would be impossible to explore in just one visit. 

  • Hike, camp and relax in the beautiful coastal forests and mountains that run the length of this long Island. 
  • Shop, go to the theater and explore historic downtown Victoria at the southern tip of the Island. 
  • Bike or drive along the country roads that crisscross the Island, stop in the many charming small towns along the way. 
  • The northern part of the Island is famous for wilderness lodges and outdoor activities. Enjoy world class fishing and hunting with luxurious accommodations and stunning views. 
  • Visit the wave swept western coast and walk along the majestic beaches or enjoy the calmer east coast where you can kayak or cruise amoungst the Gulf Islands.