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Full List of Islands

The San Juan Islands are made up of hundreds of islands, some no bigger than a rowboat and many that disappear if the tide gets too high. Many of the small and medium sized islands are privately owned. What follows is a full list of islands you can visit easily and short descriptions of what they are like. Be sure to check out our other more detailed descriptions if you have questions. Read More

Lopez Island
This charmingly rural Island has a tiny town and plenty of outdoor adventures. Be sure to check out the many working farms and myriad public lands.

Orcas Island
Huge and beautifully forested Orcas Island has one large park with its own mountain and a delightful small town.

San Juan Island
Friday Harbor, the County Seat, has lots of fantastic shops and restaurants. Outside of town you can explore vast parks or relax at luxurious resorts. Why not both?

Shaw Island
This tiny jewel of an Island can be explored in an afternoon or you can relax in a waterfront campsite for days.

Decatur Island
Made up mostly of private property Decatur does have one public boat ramp and a lovely beach at the southern tip with protected anchorage.

Blakely Island
This private Island does have a small marina and general store if you feel like a snack while you are cruising by. Just don’t wander too far or you’ll be asked to prove your right to stroll along the private roads and beaches.

Stuart Island
This northern Island has a great campsite with a dock and protected bay. Hike around the small but hilly Island and check out the modern one room schoolhouse.

Turn Island
Turn Island is one of the many uninhabited park islands strewn among the San Juans. Right off of San Juan Island, you can paddle over from the nearby County Park on Pear Point road.

Jones Island
This park island is off the west coast of Orcas Island and can be most easily accessed from deer Harbor. Enjoy camping on a completely uninhabited Island with plenty of small bays and shoreline to explore.

James Island
The rocky bluffs of this park island offer amazing views. Right off of Decatur Island, it’s a good boating destination from Lopez or the mainland.

Waldron Island
Waldron is mostly private property and is sparsely populated. This low lying northern Island has long stretches of beach and uninhabited forest.

Posey Island
This miniscule Island is right outside of Roche Harbor and is a fun paddle from the historic Roche Harbor Resort.

Sucia Island
The long narrow bays and peninsulas of geologically unique Sucia Island are fun to explore on foot or from the water.

Patos Island
Patos Island is near both Sucia and Matia. These three islands can get quite crowded during the busy summer months, but during the off-season you can have them all to yourself.

Matia Island
The smallest of these three islands, Matia still has several small bays and plenty of forest to explore.

Clark Island
Not too far from the last three, Clark Island also has long stretches of beach along its eastern and western shorelines.