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Decatur Island

Decatur Island is mainly made up of private communities. There is one public boat ramp, and a nearby day-use beach. This sparsely populated Island is fun to explore on foot, just be careful of property lines, some locals feel very strongly about privacy. Read More

Why should I visit Decatur Island?

Decatur Island has no ferry service and only one public boat ramp and a private airport. So it’s a great place to escape summer crowds. That being said most of the Island is jealously protected private property. However there is a lovely beach at the southern tip of the Island and some of the roads are public.

Where is Decatur Island?

Decatur Island is near the south end of Lopez Island. It can be easily reached from Lopez’s Mud Bay or Anacortes on the mainland. The one public boat ramp and nearby beach are on the south end of the Island.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Decatur Island offer?

There is only one store on Decatur Island and it serves locals with deli, hardware and grocery services. The owner will probably be the happiest about visitors on the Island so you might ask for local advice on what you can see.

What can I do or see on Decatur Island? 

  • The public beach at the southern tip of Decatur is a lovely boating destination. 
  • The public shore connects a rocky bluff to the main part of the Island with a two-sided pebble beach. The protected bay this creates is a great place to spend a day or night in your boat. 
  • The pebble beach is a lovely and manageable kayak trip from Mud Bay on the south end of Lopez Island. Intrepid kayakers can use the public beach as a picnic lunch spot on their way to camp on James Island. 
  • James Island State Park is a beautiful place to visit and just off the eastern shore of Decatur.