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Shaw Island

Shaw Island is the smallest Island with ferry service. This tiny island has one general store and a county park. Wander the winding country lanes and relax on this tiny jewel of an Island. Read More

Why should I visit Shaw Island?

Shaw Island is often overlooked because of its size and lack of services. It is the easiest Island to get to that still doesn’t have any touristy feel. 

  • The small County Park has a lovely sandy beach and waterfront campsites. 
  • The country roads have few cars and are perfect for walking or biking. 
  • The fact that you can ride around the whole island in an afternoon emphasizes that you are on an island. 
  • Shaw is totally separated from the stresses of the mainland. You’ll be forced to relax.

Where is Shaw Island?

Shaw Island is between Lopez and Orcas Island. Most ferries stop at Shaw on the way to and from Orcas. The trip to Orcas is only about ten minutes. This means that Shaw is a fun day or overnight trip when your main base is Orcas. You can leave your car on Orcas and rent bikes or scooters at the Orcas ferry landing for your Shaw Island adventure.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Shaw Island offer?

Shaw has only one general store, which is located at the ferry landing. This store has some food, and miscellaneous products but its best to shop before you arrive. The County Park is the only option for spending the night, besides private residences and vacation rentals.

What can I do or see on Shaw Island?

There is something charming and intimate about the small size of Shaw Island. 

  • Riding along the quiet country lanes you can get to see every part of the Island in an afternoon. 
  • The University of Washington allows the public to access their Cedar Rock Reserve during day light hours. Besides this area and the County Park the rest of the Island is private property.
  • From the County Park you look south to Lopez Island, Cedar Rock Reserve is along this same coast to the west.