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Gulf Islands BC

The Canadian Gulf Islands are very similar in culture and climate to the San Juan Islands. They are also very close in distance, separated only by a channel and a national border.

Why should I visit the Gulf Islands BC?

The Gulf Islands offer amazing natural beauty, charming communities and plenty of opportunities for activity or relaxation. Each island has its own unique atmosphere. Visiting the Gulf Islands from the San Juans can give you an interesting international perspective on this beautiful part of the world.

Where are the Gulf Islands BC?

The Gulf Islands are to the northwest of the San Juan Islands. They hug the shore of Vancouver Island and are the remnants of an ancient mountain range. They stretch north from the border all the way to the Campbell River. From the San Juan Islands you have several ways to reach the Gulf Islands. 

  • Travel by private boat, be sure you understand the border requirements. 
  • Go back to the mainland, cross the Canadian Border on land and take a ferry from near Vancouver BC. 
  • Take a ferry from the San Juans to Sidney BC, and a ferry from there to the Gulf Islands. 
  • Fly from the San Juans or nearby airports to the Gulf Islands.

What sort of Services and Amenities do the Gulf Islands offer?

The Gulf Islands are all rural communities but they also support rich art scenes and specialized tourist services. This means you aren’t going to find a lot of nightclubs but you will find live music, amazing restaurants, and thriving small towns. 

  • Enjoy the abundant fresh seafood, produce and other local products transformed into amazing meals at Gulf Island restaurants. 
  • Accommodations that cover a wide range of tastes and budgets. 
  • The endless miles of shoreline, bays and deserted beaches are a boaters dream. You can kayak, sail or motor through the islands in your own craft or with one of the many local rental or tour companies. 
  • The many artists and craftspeople that call the Gulf Islands home provide amazing opportunities for shopping and browsing in the small historic towns.

What can I do or see in the Gulf Islands BC?

The Gulf Islands are a superb combination of relaxation and activity. You feel totally separated from the annoyances of mainland life even though you are often just a short ferry ride away from busy urban centers. Amazing outdoor adventures are just around the corner from soothing spas and fantastic restaurants.

  • Enjoy live music, festivals, and farmers markets in the active and welcoming Gulf Island towns. 
  • Take advantage of the amazing waterways that crisscross the islands, in whatever kind of vessel you prefer. 
  • Explore the less populated islands and see the ancient beauty of towering forests and rocky shores. 
  • Wander through the many charming communities in order to savor the local food, art and other services.