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Orcas Island

Orcas Island is the most untouched and pristine Island in many ways. Huge Moran State park and other protected land means it retains a feeling of frontier wilderness, but with plenty of modern amenities.

Why should I visit Orcas Island?

The hamlet of Eastsound is a delightful community with lovely public spaces, eclectic shops and some of the best restaurants in the San Juans. The surrounding country roads lead to bays, hills, and beaches with various resorts, marinas and B&Bs.

Where is Orcas Island?

Orcas Island is the northern most island with ferry service. Its northern shore is quite close to the watery border with Canada. You can catch the ferry, fly or take a private boat to Orcas Island. The area around the ferry landing does have a small store and a few other services but the main village is several miles away.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Orcas Island offer?

Eastsound is the commercial and social center of Orcas Island. Here you can find many basic and specialized services. 

  • In Eastsound you will find the local grocery store, chocolate shop and art galleries. 
  • Other small communities like Olga and Deer Harbor also offer some services. 
  • Lodging options include a luxurious resort, a bohemian retreat, B&Bs as well as small hotels and vacation rentals. 
  • Due to the many natural wonders around the Island, there are also many outdoor adventure tour and rental companies on Orcas.

What can I do or see on Orcas Island? 

  • Orcas Island has fewer public beaches and parks than the other two large islands. However what it does have makes up for that. 
  • Moran State Park contains the San Juan’s tallest peak, several beautiful clear lakes, and hikes through towering forests of Douglas fir and cedar. 
  • Orcas Island has several music festivals and other events throughout the year. 
  • The natural beauty and mild climate make outdoor music and theater a regular occurrence.