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Stuart Island

Stuart Island is medium sized with two parks offering public access to this sparsely populated Island. Explore the woods and rocky shores as you walk along quiet roads between the two beautiful parks.

Why should I visit Stuart Island?

Stuart Island is a nice mix of sparsely populated parks, but welcoming to visitors. The sheltered bay and park on the east side of the Island is a great place to camp or drop anchor. The trails and roads that crisscross this small island lead to beautiful views and open meadows. There are two main parks on the island and quiet roads to walk along between them.

Where is Stuart Island?

Stuart Island is a northern Island close to the border with Canada. Most residents use Roche Harbor as their base when they want to visit the bigger islands. Stuart Island is far away from the other islands, and the current is strong, so it’s a better sailing or motoring destination than for kayakers. If you don’t have your own craft it is possible to get dropped off and picked up by local tour companies.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Stuart Island offer?

Stuart Island doesn’t have any stores or hotels. There is one small camping area and a protected bay where you can anchor your boat. There are only a few full time residents. The Turn Point Lighthouse is a favorite hiking destination. The campsite can fill up in the summer so it’s good to reserve your site.

What can I do or see on Stuart Island?

Stuart is one of the few medium sized islands that is without ferry service but still has public land. The supreme quiet and beauty of the Island make it a wonderfully relaxing wilderness experience. Walk along the carless roads and picnic at the near the historic lighthouse before returning the sheltered bay where you can camp or drop anchor. Check out the modern one room schoolhouse that residents use only when there are kids who need it.