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Lopez Island

Lopez Island is often described as the friendly Island. The locals wave as they drive by and the tight knit community is welcoming to visitors they meet at the frequent Island events or parks.

Why should I visit Lopez Island?

Lopez retains its charming rural atmosphere. Even the commercial center of Lopez Village is quiet enough for children to ride bikes down the main drag. Outside of the small town await loads of public beaches, parks, hiking and miles of quiet country lanes. 

  • A growing emphasis on locally produced food has also taken off on Lopez. There are plenty of working farms to visit, and the few but good restaurants often source from these same farms. 
  • Lopez has a smaller town than either San Juan or Orcas. This means if you’re looking to escape into nature, with amenities but few shops, this is the Island for you. 
  • Lopez is a favorite with bicyclists who feel it has fewer hills and quieter roads than the other large islands.

Where is Lopez Island?

Lopez Island is the closest Island with ferry service to the mainland. From its southern tip you can look east to the mainland and south to the Olympic Mountains. You can ride the ferry, fly or take a private boat to reach Lopez. The ferry dock is about five miles from the main Village.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Lopez Island offer?

Lopez Village has just one or two of the necessary services and shops. The emphasis is on quality over quantity in this small community. Businesses don’t survive the winter here if they don’t keep the locals coming back. 

  • There is one large grocery store, and a smaller health food store. 
  • There are two coffee shops, a bakery, a bookstore, two gas stations, a few shops and a few restaurants. 
  • Lodging is mainly B&Bs, vacation rentals, camping and the Islander Resort. 
  • The public library is particularly nice.

What can I do or see on Lopez Island? 

  • Rental companies on Lopez can provide you with the right equipment and advice to paddle, bike, sail or motor around this beautiful Island. 
  • Visit the Farmers Market, which happens every Saturday during the summer and is a big weekly event. 
  • Tour the Island on bike or car and visit a series of public beaches and parks, with beautiful views around every corner. 
  • Beaches on the Island look in every direction which means you can see three mountain ranges, two dormant volcanoes and other amazing views everywhere you turn.