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Sidney British Columbia

This idyllic seaside community has lots to offer. The downtown has a great mix of shops, restaurants and events. Sydney is also the gateway to nearby attractions like Butchart Gardens and the Gulf Islands.

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Why should I visit Sidney B.C?

This town of fewer than 12,000 is vibrant, but manageable, development has been carefully guided. People love living here and you can feel their enthusiasm in the many year-round events. The easy access from the San Juan Islands means this is a great destination when you’re craving a low-key urban environment with island flare.

Where is Sidney B.C?

Sidney B.C is easy to visit by ferry from the San Juan Islands. You can also fly or boat into town. The city is home to the Ferry Terminals for the southern end of Vancouver Island. Ferries come and go from the San Juan Islands once a day, depending on the season.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Sidney B.C offer?

Sidney has all the services you might expect in an active mid size city. There are lots of options for lodging, dining, shopping and activities. The peaceful Island atmosphere can be felt throughout local services

What can I do or see in Sidney B.C? 

  • Experience excellent adventure tourism with an amazing hands-on aquarium, wildlife tours and boating. 
  • Explore world class Butchart Gardens, it’s amazing in every season. 
  • The nearby Gulf Islands National Park Reserve is great for camping, hiking and boating. 
  • Various International cuisines utilize local seafood and produce, with amazing results. 
  • Eclectic shopping with local and international flavor dots the walk-able downtown.