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Center Church & Union Cemetery

Perched on a grassy hill in the midst of Lopez Island picturesque Center Church and Cemetery are the oldest on the Island. The white clapboard church and historical grounds are a wonderful place to wander back in time. Read More

What can I see and do at Center Church and Cemetery?

The historic grounds of the Church and Cemetery have been carefully tended for many years. The lilacs and other flowering bushes are the size of small trees. It’s the perfect peaceful place for a stroll on a spring afternoon. Seek out your own bit of Island history by finding the gravestones for the Island’s first settlers.

Where is Center Church and Cemetery?

The Church is located on Davis Bay Road just south of Lopez Village. To get there just head out of town on Fisherman Bay Road. Keep going until it hits Davis Bay Road then turn right.

When is Center Church and Cemetery open?

The Church grounds and Cemetery are open from dawn-dusk. Both Catholic and Lutheran services are held on weekend mornings. The Church is often open throughout the week and can be a lovely calm place for reading or meditation.