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Cattle Point Lighthouse

Cattle Point Lighthouse is set against the striking beauty of the southernmost tip of San Juan Island. Gaze out across the water at the Olympic Mountains and down the rocky coastline all the way to Vancouver Island.

What can I see and do at Cattle Point Lighthouse?

This is a great afternoon outing for the whole family. Stunning views, a fun beach, tide-pools, and a picnic area are all around you. The current lighthouse has been there since 1935 but the site has been in use since the Hudson Bay Company used it for cattle. Walk along the windswept sandy paths that crisscross this gem of a park.

Where is Cattle Point Lighthouse?

The lighthouse is perched at the south end of San Juan Island. It shines out across the straight of Juan De Fuca to guide ships through this hazardous passage. To get here from downtown Friday Harbor take Mullis Road until it turns into Cattle Point Road and stay on it till you reach the point.

When is Cattle Point Lighthouse open?

The Park is open from dawn until dusk all year long. This is an amazing place on a stormy day to watch the waves crash in all the way from the Pacific Ocean.