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Patos Island State Marine Park

Patos Island State Marine Park is a delightful small Island with fertile shellfish beds, a lighthouse and campground. Nearby Sucia, Matia and Orcas make this a great area for a multi island camping trip.

What can I see and do at Patos Island State Marine Park?

The campground, picnic area and open field around the lighthouse are all particularly gorgeous features of Patos Island. The Island is maintained by both the Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Only part of the Island is open to the public but that helps keep the Island both pristine and quiet.

Where is Patos Island State Marine Park?

This medium sized park island is off the north coast of Orcas Island. The nearest services are on Orcas Island, although there is fresh water available on nearby Sucia Island during the summer.

When is Patos State Marine Park open?

This Park is open all year long for both camping and day use. While it is most popular during the summer with the San Juan’s mild climate it can be a great place to visit all year.

How much does Patos State Marine Park cost?

The camping and mooring fees vary seasonally and during the busy summer months it’s worth it to make a reservation.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

The Washington State Park Information Line can answer your questions and help you make reservations. (360) 902-8844.