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Posey Island State Marine Park

Posey Island State Marine Park is a tiny Island right at the mouth of Roche Harbor. The Island is particularly popular with local kayak tours because it is near good whale watching areas. Read More

What can I see and do at Posey Island State Marine Park?

This Island is only about an acre and has no real facilities besides one composting toilet. The Island experiences a steady flow of kayakers during the long summer days but is often totally deserted the rest of the year. Motorboats can use the Island during the day but the two campsites are only for wind and human powered craft. The Island’s proximity to prime whale watching along the west side of San Juan Island make this a great base camp or lunch spot when you are headed out.

Where is Posey Island State Marine Park?

This tiny Island is on the northwest side of Pearl Island in the middle of the opening to Roche Harbor. The nearness of Roche Harbor means that this is a very easy paddle.

When is Posey Island State Marine Park open?

The Island is open all year for camping and daytime use. During the winter it is often totally unused but on a warm summer day it can feel a little like a kayak transit station.

How much does Posey Island State Marine Park cost?

The Island’s only two campsites have fees that vary seasonally. The cost of staying on this cute little Island is much less in comparison to staying at nearby Roche Harbor, but if you sail in and moor at Roche Harbor you can still use all the Resort’s amenities.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

The Washington State Park Information Line can answer any questions you might have and help you make reservations. (360) 902-8844.