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Hummel Lake

Hummel Lake runs along Center Road not far from Lopez Village. This small lake has two small parks and is a favorite with local fisherman.

  • Fish for the trout, bass and catfish that are stocked here. The open season runs year round. There is a dock or you can paddle out in your boat. 
  • Relax next to the water in the small but attractive park on the southern end of the Lake. 
  • Hummel Lake is a short walk from Lopez Village, and there are beautiful views over the Lake all year long. 
  • Stroll along the path through the small patch of forest that surrounds the lake.

What can I see and do at Hummel Lake?

This pretty but modest Lake has a small boat launching area at its northern end. The community supplies lifejackets here and people leave their small rowboats and canoes along the shore. The second park is at the southern end and has a dock and good picnic areas. Hummel Lake is a short walk from the village and is a good place to fish or just relax. The pondweeds that have taken over the majority of the lake are thick and have been blamed for several boating deaths, so do wear a lifejacket.

Where is Hummel Lake?

Hummel Lake is in the middle of Lopez Island towards the north end. It is right at the corner of Center Road and Hummel Lake Road. From the Village head east on Hummel Lake Road and the boat launch will be on your left when you hit Center Road. The second park is south along the Lake on Center Road, take a left at the first driveway after the Lake.