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Mount Finlayson

Mt. Finlayson is a long hill that rises from South Beach along the southern shore of San Juan Island. There are trails that crisscross its northern wooded side and southern open prairie. Read More

  • Explore the unique ecosystem on Mt. Finlayson. It includes deep forest and bright open prairie. 
  • Fantastic views south of the Olympic Mountains and west all the way to Vancouver Island. 
  • Hike the ridge trail for a mix or forest and prairie with views the whole way.

What can I see and do at Mt. Finlayson?

The southern end of San Juan Island has all kinds of great hikes and viewpoints. The forest on the north side of Mt. Finlayson feels ancient and richly verdant. The ridge trail between the forest and golden prairie offers amazing views south to the Olympic Mountains. You can also explore beaches on either side of Mt. Finlayson. Wildflowers brighten up the native grasses during the spring and early summer. You can also spot foxes that hunt through the prairie and forest.

Where is Mt. Finlayson?

Mt. Finlayson is just past South Beach. You can park at the beach for a longer hike or at other small lots along Cattle Point Road. To get here from downtown Friday Harbor take Mullis Road until it turns into Cattle Point Road and stay on it till you reach the point.

When is Mt. Finlayson open?

All the parks and public land at this end of the Island are open for daytime use all year long.