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San Juan Island Driving Tour

Taking the San Juan Island driving tour, you will circle around the whole Island with fun stops and great views. This beautiful Island has a lot to offer.

  • The sweeping views along the south end of San Juan Island are breathtaking. You can clearly see the Olympics most days, and sometimes as far south as Mt. Rainier. 
  • The west side of San Juan Island is a great place to watch the sunset or spot orca whales. 
  • Roche Harbor Resort and the wooded north shore of the Island wrap us this fabulous drive.

Why should I drive the San Juan Island driving tour?

San Juan Island is big enough that there is a lot of ground to cover if you want to see all the best sights. Driving is a great way to explore at your own pace. 

  • From Friday Harbor you head south to the sweeping vistas over South Beach and American Camp. Watch for the foxes and eagles that love this area. 
  • Next you head west past small farms. The Olympics cover the horizon to the south. 
  • Curving along the west side of San Juan Island be sure to stop and look for the orca whales that often play in the Strait of Haro. 
  • Historic Roche Harbor Resort is a fun stop along the way. 
  • Heading back to Friday Harbor you pass through the forests covering the north coast of the Island. There are also several nearby lakes if you brought your fishing gear.

Where does the San Juan Island driving tour begin and end?

The tour begins and ends in the vibrant town of Friday Harbor. The small town contains lots of great restaurants and shops as well as the Ferry Landing. 

From Friday Harbor head south on Cattle Point Road. This will lead you along the striking southern shore. 

Double back and then turn left onto Little Road and then almost immediately left onto Bailer Hill Road. This will turn into West Side Road and curve along the west coast of the Island. 

Then take a right on Mitchell Bay Road and a left onto West Valley Road. Turn left on Roche Harbor Road to visit the historic Resort or right in order to head back to Friday Harbor.

How long does the San Juan Island driving tour take to drive?

The full mileage of the trip is 41 miles and takes about 1.5hrs. However it is best enjoyed with frequent stops at the many parks and viewpoints along the way. It would be a great afternoon or morning drive with either lunch or dinner in Friday Harbor or at Roche Harbor Resort.