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Lopez Island Driving Tour

Taking the Lopez Island driving tour is a great way to check out the stunning water views and pastoral beauty of this friendly Island. Passing drivers still wave in this tight knit community. Read More

  • Lopez is filled with pastoral beauty and offers lots of beach access and great views or the surrounding islands and mountains. 
  • There are several great beaches and trails at the stops along the tour. 
  • Lopez Village has great restaurants and a few fun shops. 
  • Consider car camping at Odlin Park during your driving tour.

Why should I drive the Lopez Island driving tour?

Lopez has tons of small parks and beaches spread across the Island. Driving is a great way to reach every one of them in a short time. Be sure to stop and explore if you feel like it, even the small parks have a lot to offer. 

  • Just a mile from the Ferry Landing Odlin Park is a great first stop. Relax on the beach, have a picnic along the shore or consider reserving one of the waterfront campsites. The Park looks towards Shaw Island and is a great place to watch the ferries pass by. 
  • Lopez Village is a charming small town with a few great restaurants and shops. If you are visiting on Saturday morning check out the vibrant Farmers Market. Either way, pick up some snacks to sustain you on the rest of the tour. 
  • Otis Perkins Park stretches along a long narrow spit looking west to San Juan Island. Drive along the small county road or park and walk along the beautiful open beach. 
  • Driving to the south end of Lopez Island you will pass farms and forest with views of the Olympic Mountains. Agate Beach is a popular pebble beach that faces west with views of the Olympics and San Juan Island. If you are feeling up for it take a hike at nearby Iceberg Point. 
  • If you are feeling famished at this point stop by the gas station and grocery at the corner of Mud Bay and Mackaye Harbor Roads. The small store has a surprisingly good wine and beer selection as well as other tasty snacks. 
  • Hummel Lake is one of the few lakes on Lopez and offers fishing, a small park and a good place for an evening paddle.

Where does the Lopez Island driving tour begin and end?

The tour begins at the Lopez Island Ferry Landing. The route curves around the west coast of Lopez to the south end and then runs back up the middle of the Island on Center Road to end back at the Ferry Landing.

How long does the Lopez Island driving tour take to drive?

You could make the whole drive in about an hour. However it would be a full afternoon or morning if you took the time to stop at the various beaches and parks to do some exploring. Lunch or breakfast in Village before heading out would be a delicious way to start.