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Cascadia Marine Trail

The Cascadia Marine Trail is a one of a kind water trail in the Northwest. With a series of campsites all the way from Olympia to the Canadian border, you can paddle your way from campsite to campsite. Read More

  • One of the few water trail routes in the US, unique and beautiful. 
  • Stay on uninhabited parks islands far from the crowds 
  • Kayak guides also offer full service trips along this trail. 
  • Intersperse your wilderness experience with dinner or a hotel on one of the larger islands.

Why should I paddle the Cascadia Marine Trail?

Camping out of your boat and seeing the quiet, uninhabited parts of the San Juan Islands is a truly amazing experience. This exciting project is one of only a few in the US. The long-term goal of having over 400 campsites has not yet been achieved but several of the established sites are in the San Juan Islands.

Where is the put-in?

The Marine Trail can be accessed from many points within the islands and greater Puget Sound. Make sure you pay attention to currents and tides especially if you are attempting to cross one of the main channels.

What can I expect?

There are short and long stretches of water you can take within the greater Cascadia Marine Trail route. The islands with ferry service can be used to access the Trail’s campsites or you can launch from the mainland. Camping weather is the best during the summer, but if you don’t mind the damp, spring and fall are also mild.

Any suggestions on planning and preparing for this trail?

Many of the campsites require reservations and a fee. The pay stations are also often self-service so pay in advance or make sure you have exact change. The right equipment and knowledge are very important on the water. Be sure to bring tide and current charts as well as plenty of warm clothes even in the summer. Many local kayak companies visit these same sites on their tours so if you want a stress free paddle ask about their overnight trips.

How can I make a reservation?

Call the Washington Water Trails Association at 206-545-9161 or visit them online.