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The San Juan Islands Farm craze is taking off, which is good news for you. There are tons of U-pick, farm stay, farm stand and farm tour options. Sample all the delicious local produce and explore modern sustainable farming at its best. Read More

Where can I find nearby farms and orchards?

The number of local small-scale farms is huge and growing all the time. There are many on each island, some of which welcome drop in visitors and others that like to be given notice, many have self-service stands. Keep an eye out for hand painted signs along the country lanes.

Crowfoot Farm, Lopez Island
Crowfoot Farm has vast fields of fantastic strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. All of these luscious berries are available for U-pick nearly the whole summer.

  • Location: The Farm is just minutes from Lopez Village on Port Stanley Road. The sunny open fields filled with berries make a great biking destination for families, just be sure to have a sturdy bicycle basket.
  • Season: Open all summer or as long as the plants are producing. The friendly owners often put sandwich signs up in the village to show that the fruit is ripe and ready to be picked.
  • Cost: The fantastic organic fruit is very reasonably priced; the perks of taste testing and playing in the sun all come free.
  • Phone: You can call ahead to chat with Elf and Eric about what’s ripe. 360-468-4748

Jones Family Farm, Lopez Island
Nick and Sara Jones run a diversified and sustainable family farm. They can provide you with locally grown organic meat, fresh seafood and smoked salmon.

  • Location: They maintain a farm stand at the south end of Lopez Island, 1454 Mud Bay Road. Check at local grocery stores and farmer’s markets too.
  • Season: Farm fresh items are available all year long, though summer is the most abundant season.
  • Cost: Locally produced seafood and meat are wonderful luxuries and can be more costly than their generic relatives. You will be able to tell the difference and it’s well worth the small extra cost.
  • Phone: Call and talk with the Jones’ if you need more info. 360-468-0533

Heritage Farm, San Juan Island
From fresh raw milk, chickens, vegetables and grass-fed beef, Heritage Farm takes their name seriously. They are also happy to provide tours and talk to you about their unique vision.

  • Location: Towards the south end of San Juan Island Heritage Farm is tucked away in the sheltered middle of the island. From downtown Friday Harbor take Mullis road off of Spring Street to the south and stay on that as it becomes Cattle Point Road, then a right on Heritage Farm Lane.
  • Season: Open all year long this would be a great stop even on a chilly winter day.
  • Cost: Heritage Farm is dedicated to Community Supported Agriculture and keeping farm fresh produce within everyone’s reach.
  • Phone: Call ahead to arrange for a tour or find out what’s in season. Jim and Christina are friendly and very knowledgeable. 360-378-2872

Westcott Bay Sea Farms, San Juan Island
There is nothing quite like fresh oysters and clams right out of the icy blue Puget Sound. Westcott Bay is a trusted northwest name in fresh local seafood.

  • Location: Westcott bay face west towards Vancouver Island near Roche Harbor, on San Juan Island. From downtown Friday Harbor take Roche Harbor Road and then turn left onto Westcott Drive, the farm is at the end of this road.
  • Season: The farm is open all year long, but it’s worth calling ahead because they are both small scale and sell commercially.
  • Cost: This level of high quality seafood can get pricey, but that’s because it’s the best.
  • Phone: Call ahead to make sure they are open and have what you need. 360-378-2489

Warm Valley Orchard, Orcas Island
This small family farm focuses on sheep and all the wonderful things you can do with wool. They also have extensive nut and fruit trees whose bounty they share during the fall.

  • Location: Not far from ferry landing this is a great first stop on the Island to pick up some provisions if the season is right. Coming from Orcas Island Ferry Landing on Orcas Road simply take a left on Warm Valley Lane.
  • Season: Wool yarn and other lovely woolen products are available all year long. Fruit, nuts and vegetables are only available during the summer and fall.
  • Cost: These lovely handcrafted wool pieces are worth every penny.
  • Phone: Bob and Maria will be happy to give you directions or any other information you might need. 360-376-4386