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Road Report

The roads in the San Juan Islands are rarely out of commission. With a mild year round climate snow is not an issue and light traffic means there are no real traffic jams. Read More

Where can I find San Juan Islands road reports?

While the roads rarely need to be reported on, the ferry system is what makes travel to and from the San Juans challenging. You should always check the ferry schedule, consider whether the lines will be long, and get there in plenty of time. For any unusual weather or construction related road reports the San Juan County website is the place to check.

Washington State Ferries
The ferries are well run, very safe and also convenient. You just need to be aware of their foibles. During the summer they will often run a little late, and be very busy. Plan ahead and arrive early and there wont be a problem. You can also make ferry travel much easier on yourself by walking or biking on, that way there are no long lines.