Savor the San Juans, Friday Harbor Washington


Savor the San Juans

Savor the San Juans is the ultimate month long celebration of local cuisine, art and culture. Great deals abound for fixed price meals, lodging and art, all of the highest quality. Read More

When is Savor the San Juans?

Savor the San Juans stretches from September 22 through November 11, 2017. Different restaurants, artists and farms offer events every week. 

  • Spend an evening learning to cook with fall produce 
  • Wander the island on a Saturday visiting local artist studios 
  • Enjoy a leisurely three course dinner paired with local wine

Where is Savor the San Juans?

Orcas, Lopez and San Juan Islands all get quite enthusiastic about Savor the San Juans. You will find plenty of happenings on every island. 

  • Downtown Friday harbor has many participating restaurants. 
  • San Juan Island lodging spots offer plenty exciting specials. 
  • Lopez artists and restaurants have lots of tasty ideas. 
  • Orcas Island resorts have tons of special for Savor the San Juans.

How much does Savor the San Juans cost?

The prices vary from business to business but everyone is getting into the spirit of great deals and amazing experiences. 

  • The fantastic and extensive self-guided art tours are free. 
  • Check out lodging and dinning packages 
  • Locally sourced and delicious three course meals for $30-35.00

What else should I know about Savor the San Juans?

By this time of the year the islands have calmed down from the crowds of summer. The weather is often still quite lovely and you can have much of the islands to yourself. Savor the San Juans is in recognition of this more subtle yet glorious time.

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