San Juan Islands Fall Farm Festival


Islands Fall Farm Festival

The Islands Fall Farm Festival is a whole month of harvest related activities. The vineyard’s tasting rooms are open, chefs prepare special local fare, and farmers give tours. The Islands celebrate their agricultural heritage and future. Read More

When is the Islands Fall Farm Festival?

The Festival takes place over an entire month during fall harvest. Events vary each day, though same favorites happen more then once. Make sure to check out the full calendar of activities so you don’t miss any.

Where is the Islands Fall Farm Festival?

The festivities are spread across Orcas, Lopez and San Juan Island. The locations include working farms, fabulous restaurants, wineries and historic community buildings. Events are often bundled on one island at a time, in order to facilitate ferry travel.

How much does the Islands Fall Farm Festival cost?

Many of the tours, demonstrations and, of course, parades are totally free. Traditional potlucks, with roast local meat, are also a great way to become immersed in the community, and the harvest spirit. Meals, wine tasting, and produce are all very reasonably priced.

What else should I know about the Islands Fall Farm Festival?

  • Started in 2010, it’s driven by a growing local food movement. 
  • The San Juan Island Farm community is being actively restored. 
  • Even if the movement doesn’t interest you, the food is amazing. 
  • Children will love the animals, fruit and the chance to run around. 
  • Learn traditional Contra Dancing or wool spinning.

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