Doe Bay Festival, Orcas Island Washington


Doe Bay Festival

Doe Bay Festival is a very young festival with a small but dedicated following. Great and varied bands play under the stars for rapt audiences of twenty and thirty somethings. People camp, soak in hot springs, and roast s’mores during sets. Read More

When is the Doe Bay Festival?

The festival takes place in mid summer. This is the time to be in the San Juan Islands if you want warmth, long evenings, and clear skies. Doe bay festival is often held during the full moon, which only emphasizes the beauty of this time of year. August 10th-13th, 2017.

Where is the Doe Bay Festival?

Doe Bay Resort is the main sponsor and organizer of Doe Bay Festival. This small and unique resort is tucked into a small bay on Orcas Island. The location allows for camping, swimming, campfires and plenty of other outdoor fun right on the water. Parking is extremely limited and expensive, so try to car pool.

How much does Doe Bay Festival cost?

The festival is becoming more well known, and popular, but the site can still only support 1000 ticket holders. This means you’ve got to get your tickets fast when they go on sale. Since the tickets include various types of accommodation and parking fees they can range from $60-$300 for the weekend.

What else should I know about Doe Bay Festival?

This festival is the brainchild of the resorts two owners Joe and Maureen Brotherton, so it has a very family friendly and organic feeling. The motivation for the Festival is the musicians, playing for each other and together, the fans are just a very lucky after thought. 

  • Camp within walking distance of all the shows. 
  • Experience unique and intimate venues, like a yoga studio. 
  • Bring your kids to this family friendly event. 
  • See fantastic musicians from different genres in a stunning location.

Find more details on the Doe Bay Festival website.

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